3 Options for Storing Your RV

Owning an RV is a great way to explore new places from the comfort and convenience of your own vehicle. During the months when you aren’t using your RV, you may be wondering what your storage options are.

It’s important to store your RV correctly (and out of the elements) to prevent long-term damage. Generally, most RV owners have three choices for how the vehicle will spend the offseason: you can contact an RV storage Middleburg, park the vehicle on your own property, or perhaps rent it out to another family.

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1. Pay to Park at an RV Storage Facility.

Some families like to store their RV off their personal property by renting storage space. This is an ideal option for those who prefer not to clutter their driveway with extra vehicles, or for those living in a neighborhood with an HOA.

Most RV storage facilities charge a monthly fee to keep the vehicle parked there. When shopping around for the best facility, be sure to choose one with fencing around the property and 24/7 video surveillance.

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2. Park the Vehicle at Your Home.

A popular and affordable RV storage option is simply parking the vehicle at your home. This is an ideal solution for drivers who want to save on costs, since you won’t owe any storage fees.

Even though the vehicle might be within your line of sight, it’s still a good idea to invest in security measures such as fencing or video cameras to deter theft or vandalism.

3. Rent It Out.

Another great option is to rent out the vehicle when you’re not using it. This is an attractive arrangement because it gives RV owners the opportunity to collect back some rent for the vehicle, which was likely a big investment in the first place.

Where you store your RV is a personal choice that has many considerations. Keep in mind that no matter which option you choose, it’s important to properly winterize your vehicle (and keep it covered) when not in use. 

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