4 Things That Make Preparing for a Cross Country Move Easier

A cross-country move can be a major process. From coordinating the sale of your existing house to finding a place where you are headed, there are numerous steps that need to be taken. No matter why you are moving, these four tips can help make the process go more smoothly. 

4 Things That Make Preparing for a Cross Country Move Easier

1. Visit Your Destination

This may seem like an overly-obvious suggestion, but many families find themselves in a position where visiting their prospective home is not feasible. It could be cost-prohibitive, or perhaps they are unable to get away from family or work obligations. However, if you are able to visit your future home for a few days (or more), it is a good idea. Check out neighborhoods, amenities and transportation options so you can decide where you want to settle down. 

2. Arrange Transportation

Most households have more than one car and families with teenagers may have multiple young drivers making the upcoming move. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about everyone heading their own separate ways during the move. Do some research and find a nationwide car shipping company that can transport your extra vehicles to your new home. 

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3. Use a Full-Service Mover

While you may be willing to tackle a DIY move across town, long-distance moves are best left to professionals. They will package your belongings securely, load them and get them to your final destination. Many companies also offer integrated storage packages. That is an attractive option if you are moving into temporary or corporate housing upon your arrival. 

4. Work With a Realtor

You will likely be completely unfamiliar with your new location, so working with an experienced real estate agent in the area can provide you with a wealth of information. This also makes the move easier since they can handle most or all of the paperwork for you before your arrival. 

Working with a realtor, arranging for your belongings and vehicles to be moved and getting a feel for your new home can help make a cross-country move go more smoothly. 

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