5 Common Parts and Tools for Boat Maintenance

Finding a suitable mechanic to work on your boat can be like finding a needle in a haystack. If you can turn a wrench and want to tackle the smaller issues yourself, then you’ll need to find a parts store that offers an abundant selection and has a good return policy. Here are some of the more common things that people purchase from marine and RV stores online.

5 Common Parts and Tools for Boat Maintenance

1. Heat Exchanger and Water Pump Parts and Supplies

Whether you are fixing an outboard engine or you have a water-to-water heat exchanger onboard, the cooling system for your marine engine room parts is as vital as it comes to keeping your machine dependable. Most owners will replace the entire cooling system in separate pieces over the course of a few years for larger boats. Outboard engines only need water pumps every 5 to 10 years, or if the pump has obviously failed.

2. Marine Paint and Supplies

Nothing protects your investment from the elements like high-grade marine paint. Certain parts of your vessel may require sanding and re-painting every few years to maintain that beautiful luster and to keep the hull strong and free of weathering and corrosion.

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3. Trailering Parts and Supplies

Getting your boat to the water should be an uneventful process, but we know things can go awry pretty quickly as your trailer ages. Wheels, tires, bearings and straps are all common items people purchase for their trailers.

4. Ropes and Chains Supplies

You’ll never hear a boat captain say he has too many ropes. Straps, ropes and chains of all sizes have different purposes on a boat. It’s a good idea to keep plenty of spares onboard.

5. Safety Equipment and Medical Supplies

Check with your jurisdiction’s safety requirements before bringing your boat out to the water. Make sure everyone has a life jacket. Safety items are always in high demand, so stocking up on flares, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, flashlights and other survival items can be a great idea.

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