Avoiding Common Road Hazards While Driving

Avoiding Common Road Hazards While Driving

Keeping calm and alert on the road is a hallmark of a good driver. There are many hazards on the streets, and although you know about some of them before you even get in your car, not all are predictable. The best way to stay safe is to always be focused on your job of careful driving and to expect the unexpected.

Falling Objects

It’s a scary feeling to look out your front window to see rocks or other objects flying through the air at your car.  Most likely this would occur if you are following behind a truck filled with construction rubble. If a flying object does hit your car, you may end up with a dent or cracked windshield, and you will have to seek a windshield replacement Burlington VT. If glass does actually shatter, pull over to the shoulder as safely and as quickly as possible to assess the damage and determine whether you can continue or need a tow.

Debris in the Road

If you see cars swerving one after another in front of you, you can be sure there is something in the road. Keep your eyes constantly roving between the far, middle and close distances as you travel. This will often alert you to potential dangers up ahead with enough time to stop or change lanes.

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Reckless Drivers

Unfortunately, you can’t regulate what other drivers do on the road. Even though someone in another car may be going too fast, texting or tailgating, the only thing you can control is how you react to keep yourself safe. Never get into any kind of race with other drivers even if you get cut off because you don’t know whether he or she has drug or alcohol impaired judgment. Your safest option by far is to let the reckless driver get around you and speed off. Slow down or exit if need be. It’s not worth getting in a wreck to prove a point.

There will always be dangers associated with driving. Your best bet is to stay alert to avoid them if possible.

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