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How To Perform Routine Car Care

How To Perform Routine Car Care

How To Perform Routine Car Care

As a car owner, it is important to take care of your vehicle so that it will last longer, cost less in repairs and have better resale value when it comes time to move on to a newer car. Performing routine maintenance and having trusted professionals on deck for emergency fixes allows little to no room for issues that can prolong repairs. Follow these tips and keep your car in tip-top shape!

Protect and Repair Your Car’s Glass

Windows and windshields are important for your vision and awareness when on the road. If damages occur, you will want to ensure that you can have fast and reliable mobile auto glass repair East Baton Rouge Parish LA professionals at the ready to help get you back into your vehicle. If your car glass is severely cracked, slightly damaged or just in need of a timely replacement, you should look into a repair shop that specializes in repairs and replacements to make sure the job is getting done right the first time.

Rotate Your Car’s Tires

You may not always think of it, but rotating your car tires can cut down on regular wear and tear and can even extend the life of your tires. Depending on how often and how far you drive, as well as the roughness of the road you’re on, you will want to discuss with a professional when and how often you should have your tires rotated to ensure even wear. If your tires wear unevenly, they will break down at different weights and it can cause more damage to your vehicle in the long run.

Taking care of a vehicle is a dedicated practice that requires consistent attention to both big and small details. While most car owners are concerned with what’s under the hood, taking tires and glass into consideration can improve your car’s lifespan and functionality.

How to Avoid Serious Car Repair Issues

How to Avoid Serious Car Repair Issues

There are over 273 million cars in the United States. If you own a car, then you know how difficult it can be to keep your automobile functional. The older your vehicle gets, the more problems you will ultimately have to deal with. One of the main concerns you should have as a car owner is avoiding serious repair issues.

Accomplishing this goal will require attention to detail and the help of a car repair professional. Ignoring the need for proper vehicle maintenance can put you in a compromised position. This is why you need to view maintaining your vehicle as a priority. The following are some things you can do to avoid serious car repair issues.

How to Avoid Serious Car Repair Issues

Keep Your Fluids Checked and Changed

Your car’s engine and transmission have a number of moving parts. These parts will need the proper amount of lubrication to stay functional and reliable. Fluids like motor oil and transmission fluid need to be checked on a regular basis to ensure they are at proper levels.  You will also need to have these fluids changed by professionals over time.

An experienced car repair shop Marysville WA will be able to change your engine and transmission fluids with ease. If you try to handle this job on your own, mistakes are bound to happen. This is why paying a mechanic for their assistance is so important.

Address Repair Issues Immediately

A car owner will usually notice a number of warning signs when their vehicle needs to be repaired. If you catch car repair issues early enough, you can minimize the amount of damage they provide. Waiting too long to address problems when they surface can lead to your vehicle being sidelined for a while.

Allowing a mechanic to maintain and repair your vehicle is crucial when trying to keep it reliable.

Car Maintenance Tips for the Winter Season

Car Maintenance Tips for the Winter Season

With the arrival of colder months come winter driving conditions. Top-quality auto repair Mountlake Terrace WA helps avoid winter accidents, but so does properly maintaining and repairing your vehicle for the winter months. Ensure that you prepare your vehicle for icy and snowy roads and frigid temperatures. 

Car Maintenance Tips for the Winter Season

Check Your Battery 

You do not want to deal with a dead battery when temperatures plummet. In the winter, the chemical reactions in your battery grow sluggish, so your battery needs a stronger current to power the engine. Inspect the terminals and battery cables to ensure that they are in good shape, and run a battery load test.

Inspect Your Coolant

Just as you want to cool your engine in the summer, you must take steps to help your engine retain heat during the colder months of the year. The winter season requires a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water so your coolant does not freeze in the radiator.

Top Off Your Wiper Fluid 

You do not want to drive with ice, snow or other substances on your windshield that reduce visibility. Before filling your wiper fluid, buy freeze-resistant fluid so you do not have to worry about it solidifying after freezing temperatures blow through your neighborhood. 

Inspect Your Tires 

Your tires need sufficient tread to maintain contact with the road after it snows or when ice covers the pavement. Check your tires to make sure they have the right amount of pressure for winter. You can find the recommended pressure in your car’s manual. Depending on the age of your tires and their current condition, you may want to buy new ones, potentially winter tires. Do not forget to check your spare tire’s pressure, too. 

Even if you do not plan on traveling a lot this winter, take steps to prepare your vehicle for grocery runs and errands. Proper maintenance can keep you safe and save you money.