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Regular Maintenance Keeps Big Rig Tires Rolling

Regular Maintenance Keeps Big Rig Tires Rolling

Because a commercial large truck covers many hard miles over the life of a set of tires, choosing the right rubber is crucial for efficient and safe operation.However much you invest in your tires, you can maintain even tread depth and make themlast longer by performing regular visual checks and ongoing maintenance. Keep your truck on the straight and narrow by performing the following routine checks and maintenance.

Regular Maintenance Keeps Big Rig Tires Rolling

Do Not Skip Alignment

When you first install tires, they will not run straight as a matter of course. It is not worth trying to save money by skipping truck alignment Dallas TX. Otherwise, you will experience uneven treadwear and unstable, dangerous tracking. Additionally, after many miles over pothole-strewn roads, your tires will need to be checked for alignment and balance once again.

Rotate Regularly

Because the weight load varies, front and rear truck tires wear differently. At regular intervals have your tires rotated. Distinct brands and types of tires may require special rotations, so check with the manufacturer and your trusted fleet management service managers.

Get Out the Gauge

If your truck pulls, alignment might not be the problem; one or more of the tires may be underinflated or overinflated. This condition can not only make driving more strenuous, but also more dangerous. Tires low on air can suffer blowouts caused by road obstacles or friction-induced overheating.

Be Your Own Inspector

Visually check your tires before each job and during rest stops. Look for cracks, unusually wear or road debris that may be stuck in the treads. Look at the tires from the rear and front as well as the sides to note any bulges, conditions that can lead to catastrophic failures.

A loaded semi-truck can weigh as much as 18,000 pounds. Sometimes, the main factor in keeping your truck on the road is performing appropriate tire maintenance; by following the right steps, you can ensure that you and all that moving mass arrive safely at your destination.

Restoring an Old Truck

Restoring an Old Truck

If you love old trucks, you may want to look into restoring one. They can be a lot of work, but it can save you money in the end. Many times, people will sell those in need of repair, allowing you to get a good deal on it. When you do the work yourself, you can also customize the vehicle to make it how you want it to look. As you work on the project, you can get the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Here are a few things that you may have to fix when restoring an old truck.

Restoring an Old Truck


The engine is one of the most exciting parts of the truck. The power and noise will be affected by what you put in the vehicle mechanically. Many people like to keep the same engine that the truck was originally made with. You can add newer parts to it, so it sounds and runs smoother. You can also add transmission upgrades. If you want to make it sound louder, you could also add a dual exhaust.


The truck’s upholstery is hopefully salvageable when you buy it. If you keep it in its original state, the value of it will be higher. Many companies can make replica seats and interiors that look exactly the same, just without the novelty. You can choose the colors and styles that you want. Small things like shifter knobs, steering wheels, and seat belts can be the details that set your truck apart from everyone else’s.


The body of the vehicle is important. If there is any rust, make sure to have it fixed before doing the whole truck. Once that is taken care of, the color and decals can be chosen. There are body kits that can change the appearance of the car, making it the truck of your dreams.

Restoring a truck is a great project and a way to revive the past. The process can be long, but extremely rewarding once it is finished.

3 At-Home Projects for the Mechanically Minded Man

3 At-Home Projects for the Mechanically Minded Man

With the amount of time everyone has been spending at home and indoors lately, you may be looking for some fun projects to work out the mechanically driven side of your brain. Check out these fun projects to get your brain going and leave you with some cool gadgets to show off to your friends.

3 At-Home Projects for the Mechanically Minded Man

1. Rebuild a Vintage Truck

If you’ve been dying for a new long-term project, think about rebuilding a truck. Putting together a truck is basically a giant puzzle that gives you the opportunity to really dig into the knowledge behind mechanics. You can find used truck body parts online to help you create the vintage vehicle of your dreams. Once you have your finished product, you’ll have a cool new toy to take out fishing, camping or just cruising around the neighborhood.

2. Invest in a Moped

Mopeds are a fun two-wheel vehicle that can be made road-safe or just be used to ride around in dirt areas. However, they generally take quite a bit of fidgeting to get them to run just right. That means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to mess around with all the mechanical parts of your new moped and really fine-tune its operation. A nice perk is that they take very little fuel to get you where you want to go.

3. Learn How To Brew Your Own Brew

Building an at-home beer brewing kit can be a lot of fun, give you a bit of a challenge, and leave you with a great product to show off at your next barbeque. There are various different aspects that go into brewing that will let you flex your mechanical muscles, such as building the equipment for brewing, getting the details right for moving beer into containers and later serving and storing your brews.