Different Types of Careers at the Airport

A career at the airport can lead to exciting job opportunities and experiences as you discover what your strengths are and what part of the airport fits you well. Many people are required to run a functional airport and airplane, which means there are plenty of different types of jobs available.

Different Types of Careers at the Airport

Aircraft Mechanic

If you like working with your hands to figure out electrical and mechanical problems, becoming an aircraft mechanic may work for you. They use aircraft hardware kits to complete maintenance, diagnose what’s wrong and fix issues on airplanes. This career requires attention to detail and intricate knowledge of how an airplane works.


The first job many people think of when they think of the airport is the pilot. Many children say they want to be one when they grow up. A pilot can go into commercial service, which means they fly private or charter planes. An airline pilot requires higher education, such as a bachelor’s degree and an FAA-approved certificate.

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Air Traffic Controller

If you want to work in the tower on the airport grounds, you can pursue a career to become an air traffic controller. They are responsible for directing the planes for takeoff and landing as well as giving instructions for movement in the air.

Flight Attendant

Do you enjoy traveling? Becoming a flight attendant is one way to travel the world and get paid for it. Flight attendants welcome you to your flight, serve drinks, explain safety requirements and clean the plane. They are the customer service representatives of the airplane world and do their best to handle passenger problems as they arise.

These four career areas may be the most well-known options, but you can find many other job options in the airport environment. Depending on your skills and education levels, a variety of openings may appeal to you.

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