Finding the Perfect Auto Shop

The worst has happened: you were driving home from work when another driver pulls out from nowhere and hits you. Suddenly, you need an auto body shop to fix the damage that’s been done to your vehicle. If you’ve never needed to get major repairs done on your car, you probably don’t have an auto body shop in mind that you trust. Finding a new one can be a hassle, but taking the proper steps to discover the right one that fits all your needs is essential for receiving excellent service. Here’s some tips for finding a good shop.

Finding the Perfect Auto Shop

Start With Shops Near You

Odds are, you have a plethora of auto body shops in your close vicinity, so there’s no need to look for shops in the next town over. Start by googling an “auto body shop near me” and see what comes up. You might be surprised at all the options.

Ask Around for Reviews

Once you’ve found a few shops that look nice, check out reviews. You can find reviews online, but those can sometimes be hit or miss. To get a really good pictures of a shop, see if anyone you know personally has gone to them. You’re likely to feel more confident going to a new place if you’ve gotten a raving review from someone you trust.

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Get a Quote

Finally, after you’ve narrowed down your choices to a select few, go around to each and get a quote for the damage on your vehicle. Some places offer deals for new customers, and others may simply be cheaper for the same work. During your visit, you can gauge customer service and see if the shop lives up to your expectations.

The final test is, of course, taking your car to the shop and seeing how well they do. You can always change shops if they don’t meet your criteria, but this list can keep you from stumbling into a shop you won’t like.

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