General Boat Maintenance Even a Newbie Can Handle

First-time boat owners may be tempted to leave their maintenance needs in the hands of a company offering marine repairs Pittsburgh PA. This is wise if you aren`t very good at hand tools or pieces of machinery, but you don`t have to rely on professionals for everything. There are a number of maintenance tasks you can and should be doing on your own. Taking care of these small items preserves the longevity of your boat and reduces the chance of a breakdown or engine failure.

Pre-Season Maintenance

You should have a special calendar where you schedule the maintenance tasks. You don`t want to forget an item or do it at the wrong time. Prior to taking out the boat for the summer, you should conduct the following tasks.

  • Check the fluid levels in the power trim reservoirs, as well as the power steering fluid and the coolant.
  • Check all the hoses, cables and belts to make sure there are no cracks and that they are all tight.
  • Test the exhaust, engine and ventilation systems to ensure normal operations.
  • Make sure the battery components aren`t corroded and ensure the connections are tight. Charge the battery!
  • Ensure the hull has no cracks or blisters and tightly secure the drain plug. Make sure the propeller tight and has no damage.
  • Take inventory of all safety gear including fire extinguishers, life jackets and carbon monoxide detectors.
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General Boat Maintenance

After going out on the water, you need to periodically clean the fabrics, canvas and seat with mild soap water. Rinse everything with clear water and dry it thoroughly to prevent mildew. You will also want to inspect all visible areas of the boat for damage or cracks and wash and coat all surfaces to prevent cracking or fading.

Boat ownership takes some work but keeping the boat in good shape means you will be able to enjoy it longer. Attack the maintenance checklist a little at a time and you will be through it quickly.

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