Hot Jobs That Are In Demand

The Department of Labor creates statistics on occupations with the most growth for the future. Here are three job possibilities to consider that the DOL projects to be in demand through 2029. 

Financial Managers

Hot Jobs That Are In Demand

You need a bachelor’s degree and about five years of related experience to attain a financial manager position. In this role, you strategize on long-term financial goals, conduct investment activities and prepare financial reports. Many recent grads have finance, accounting, economics or business administration degrees. If you’re looking to break into finance, contact staffing firms Boston to inquire about jobs that may not be advertised online. The DOL anticipates a 15% growth in this occupation from 2019 to 2029. Expect to put in more than a typical 40-hour workweek and some weekends. 

Medical Assistants 

In the future, the medical assistant field will grow in demand. One reason for the boom in job growth is the baby boomers coming in for age-related ailments. From 2019 to 2029, the DOL anticipates a growth rate of 19% for medical assistant jobs. It’s possible to get a medical assistant position with a high school degree, but many people enter the profession with a related certificate or an associate degree. These professionals work in hospitals, outpatient clinics, doctor’s offices and health care facilities. Most of the jobs are available in doctor’s offices. About 15% of medical assistants work in hospitals. It’s common for medical assistants to perform clinical duties in addition to administrative responsibilities.  

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Software Developers 

With a bachelor’s degree in computer science in hand, software developers can land a position that pays well. The DOL anticipates a 22% growth in the field from 2019 to 2029. People in this occupation handle computer applications and systems in various industries. You should exhibit code-writing experience and computer programming skills. In time, a software developer can advance to an information technology project management role. 

When choosing a career path, consider finding a job that is on the DOL’s list of occupations with good job growth.

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