How Does an Expanding Stem Caster Work?

Expansion stem casters are great for mounting casters into structural tubing without needing bolts or pins. Instead, they use an expanding rubber sleeve that expands to fit the tubing. This allows the caster to be mounted to any structural tubing furniture, carts, or stands. Moreover, because they work without bolts or pins, they are corrosion-resistant.

Expansion stem casters are designed to mount casters into many tubing fixtures.

Expanding stem casters can be a great choice if your furniture has a tubular base. These casters feature a long, threaded stem with a soft rubber bushing. Once you have mounted the bushing, you tighten the nut until the rubber expands to fit into the tube. They are perfect for various applications, including carts, stands, and other furniture made from structural tubing.

These casters utilize an expanding stem kit, consisting of a series of soft rubber bushings and a special threaded nut that fits into various tubing fixtures. The mounting plate is then threaded to a variety of fixtures. In addition, an expanding stem caster features a rubber expanding applicator to provide maximum compression against the tubing.

Expansion stem casters resist corrosion

Stainless steel expanding stem casters resist corrosion, and their wheels are impregnated with an antimicrobial agent. This antimicrobial agent prevents microbes from growing on the wheels and damaging the casters. Other benefits of stainless steel casters include thread guards to prevent dirt from entering the caster. In addition, double ball swivel bearings provide smooth swivel motion. They’re also perfect for pharmaceutical and medical facilities, where cleanliness is paramount.

Standard zinc-plated casters are the least expensive types of non-corrosion compared to stainless steel cylinder liners. Nevertheless, they can be eroded if improperly maintained. Therefore, standard zinc-plated casters are still recommended for many applications, especially those that involve high-stress environments, such as industrial settings. But be careful about selecting these casters: they are not the most corrosion-resistant option.

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Expansion stem casters work without bolts or pins.

Expanding stem casters are incredibly easy to use and among the most popular types of casters. Their unique design makes them easy to remove from the fixture. They’re also powerful, corrosion-resistant, and made of quality materials to withstand everyday use. Here’s a look at how they work. Read on to learn more about this popular type of caster. 

– They work without bolts or pins!

– These casters are available in different wheel sizes and materials. The top nut compresses the rubber bushing and expands outward when the nut is tightened. This design is trendy in medical and pharmaceutical facilities, where cleanliness is paramount. 

– These casters are powerful

– They can support up to a thousand pounds!

Expansion stem casters are ideal for prep tables.

Expanding stem casters are an excellent solution for work tables, prep tables, and racks. The casters mount easily into various tubing fixtures, including round leg lengths. The rubber adapter expands and contracts as the nut are tightened, allowing the caster to fit tightly into a round leg. As a result, expanding stem casters can be used to roll prep tables, work tables, and racks without needing tools or permanent modifications.

These casters are easy to install on most work tables. Install them in the hollow leg length of the table and tighten the hex nut underneath the swivel bearing with an Allen wrench. Expanding stem casters can be easily removed and re-installed in minutes. They are also NSF-approved and RoHS-compliant.

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