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5 Metals Scrap Yards Are Begging You To Bring In

5 Metals Scrap Yards Are Begging You To Bring In

Though you may think of a scrap yard Waynesville residents use as only good for those interested in fixing their vehicles, there are actually many scrap metals that are valuable. Here are some of the ways you can make money from scrap metal.

5 Metals Scrap Yards Are Begging You To Bring In


There are many items around the average home that contains some brass. If items look like they may be made from gold yet don`t clean up nice and shiny when polished, it is probably brass. Things like trophies, candlesticks, door handles, bed frames, and brass fittings are usually brass pieces.


This is one of the most common metals you will find in residential situations, and it is the one the metal that a scrap yard is dying to take off your hands. Old electrical applications tend to have copper tubing or wiring, and old houses often happed copper plumbing.


Don`t limit your ideas of aluminum scrap waste as being soft drink cans. While you can get a decent amount of money if you turn in enough cans, there are other places to look for this scrap metal. Car parts, gaming consoles, computers, and bike frames tend to have a lot of aluminum.


You may be able to get more at a scrap yard than a pawn shop or jewelry store for your old silver jewelry or items. Medals, antique vases, and silverware are just a few of the things many people have lying around their house that could bring some extra cash at the scrap yard.

Stainless Steel

Though not generally considered as valuable as gold or silver because of its prevalence, the composition of the product with chrome, iron, or nickel makes it worth more. Old kitchen appliances, automotive parts, or pieces of machinery from factories can be taken and scrapped for some money.

If you are going to renovate your business or home, you may get lucky by recycling some of your scrap goods. Look around see what scrap you can find that will turn into cash.

What To Look for in an Air Compressor

What To Look for in an Air Compressor

One of the most important elements in a well-designed mechanical services operation is the air compressor. While the specifications of many compressor models may appear similar, there are significant differences in design, controls, efficiency and intended use.

What To Look for in an Air Compressor

At the heart of a compressed air system is the compressor, which is rated by horsepower, capacity, pressure and duty cycle. These are good starting points when considering a replacement or additional farm and fleet air compressor, but other factors should not be overlooked.

Capacity vs. Pressure

Of the four rated specifications, capacity and pressure can cause some confusion. A compressor’s capacity is what gets the work done while pressure is how quickly it can do work. Adjusting discharge pressure upwards does not increase the compressor’s capacity

There are two common types of compressors, positive displacement and dynamic. Displacement compressors operate with a constant flow rate and variable pressure while dynamic, or turbocompressors, operate with variable flow and constant pressure characteristics. The two types of compressors are affected differently by variables such as inlet air temperature, air volume, mass flow and the pressure ratio of power consumption and performance.

Dynamic compressors are generally specified in higher base-load applications while positive displacement compressors are favored in variable load operations.

Reciprocating Compressors

Positive displacement compressors are available as reciprocating, or piston-type, designs. Operating similarly to an internal combustion engine with a piston, cylinder and valves, reciprocating compressors are specified as single or double-acting type, single or multi-stage discharge, and air or oil-cooled.

Other reciprocating types include vane, rotary screw and gear compressors, each designed to address different operating requirements and energy efficiency goals.

Other considerations when specifying an air compressor include brake horsepower rating, or the power required at the input shaft, motor horsepower, which is the nominal rating for the engine, and a service factor percentage above its nominal rating. Efficiency rating is the compressor’s ratio of air delivered to brake horsepower.

Specifying the right compressor package can improve efficiency and reduce energy use expenses.

Benefits of Film Protection for Your Car

Benefits of Film Protection for Your Car

Benefits of Film Protection for Your Car

Some people see cars as a one-time purchase, but people who truly appreciate automobiles view them as a life-long investment. To ensure your car ages well, it helps to give it the best protection possible and preserve the glow it gave off on day one. That’s why you’ll want to find some of the best paint protection film Maryland has to offer. This may seem like a small thing, but it can lead to major rewards down the road. 

If you’re ready to transform your car into a long-term asset, consider the benefits of maintaining your car with protective paint film.

Brush Off Bruises

Even if you take care of your vehicle, it will still take a beating from everyday use. Hail, rain, and sleet will wear away at the paint and leave behind knicks and scratches. Your car might have a strong foundation, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a helping hand. Paint protection film can shield your car from minor bruises, keeping it healthier through the seasons.

Make Cleaning Easy

Because protective film keeps off scrapes, dust, and other issues, you don’t have to work as hard to keep your car fresh. Instead of toiling to cover up scars and marks, you can clean off your car with a simple cloth. Of course, you can include water in the cleanse routine, but you don’t need to dig deep into your car’s pores. Protective film seals off your car’s more sensitive layers, so you can breathe easier when it comes time to clean your vehicle. 

Support Your Savings

More protection leads to less damage, which means you can save big on maintenance. Repair costs can pile up if you’re not paying attention, but protective film monitors your car for you. Preventing knicks will make your car and your budget look better. Plus, a fresher car contributes to its value over the years, so you can earn a sizable cash sum if you choose to sell it later on.

Protect your vehicle, and you can enjoy a profitable and prosperous relationship that stands the test of time.