The Proper Attire When Motorcycle Riding

The Proper Attire When Motorcycle Riding
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There are a lot of dos and don’ts when it comes to riding a motorcycle. While most states don’t have a lot of laws for attire, there are better options to avoid road rash if you lay your bike down. Knowing about the best biker gear and accessories will help you to be sufficiently protected on the road.


A good helmet is important when you’re on a motorcycle. Hitting a pothole, a puddle, or a piece of road debris is enough to cause you to lose control. If you end up crashing, you want to make sure that your head is well-protected. A full-face helmet is also highly desirable, especially on longer trips, so that you’re not getting bugs and anything else blown into your face.

Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle jackets are not just to look cool. They’re designed to provide an extra layer of coverage in case you lay your bike down. It’s better to rip up a jacket than to shred your arms. Particularly if you’re going at a high speed when you crash, it’s easy to slide along the pavement for a few feet. A t-shirt isn’t going to provide nearly enough protection on its own.

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Too many people on bikes don’t pay enough attention to their footwear. Boots provide the needed ankle protection. Plus, they have a strong tread to ensure that there’s sufficient grip. Choosing boots designed for motorcycle riding can be a great idea so you know that they will hold up against all of the elements.

It’s worth investing in the proper attire when you’re going to be out on a motorcycle. You don’t have the coverage that you do in a car, so you have to depend on your choice of clothing and footwear to protect you in the event of a crash or skid.

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