Tips for Owning a Boat

The better care you take of your boat, the more you can enjoy taking it out for a day on the water. Understand some of the basic responsibilities required when you own a boat.

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When towing your boat, be sure to safely pack and secure your boat trailer Pennsylvania. Avoid exceeding the trailer’s load capacity and secure everything so it does not shift during transport. Check all tires on your vehicle and trailer before departure. Fill up any tires that are not reading the correct tire pressure. Have a friend or partner help you test the lights to ensure the brake lights and signals are working properly. When you drive, remember most trailers are not made for speeds over 65 mph. Drive with caution and leave additional time and space for stopping.


Safely store your boat in a garage or storage unit when not in use to keep it in good working condition. Keeping your boat indoors is a great way to protect it from weather and sun damage. If you do not have the room in your garage, you can store your boat outside instead. Protect your boat from inclement weather with a large tarp. Alternatively, larger boats kept in deeper waters may benefit from harbors that offer year-round boat storage. If your boat is kept on the water, purchase a deicer to protect the bottom of your boat from ice.

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Familiarize yourself with your boat so you can perform regular maintenance as needed. Before you launch, make sure to top off the oil if needed and check the steering, propeller, hull, and deck. Be sure the bilge pump is working properly and that your battery and electric systems are in good function. Check all safety gear is stocked and fire extinguishers are accessible. Make sure to keep things like flashlights, navigation lights, flotation devices, lifebuoys, and a first aid kit on board at all times.

Keep these tips in mind when considering how you will transport, store, and maintain your boat.

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