Top Three Rules for Responsible Drinking

Following a long week on the job, we all find ways to unwind, and for many of us, alcohol is a factor. While social drinking is fine for most folks, alcohol is easily misused. When this happens, people make reckless decisions. Prevent poor choices beforehand. Set some basic ground rules before having a good time.

Top Three Rules for Responsible Drinking

Pace Yourself

Even fun has its limits. It’s wise to know where your own limits are. You can track your intake by calculating your blood alcohol content, or BAC. A BAC of 0.08 makes you legally drunk. For women, this can occur after two to three drinks over one hour. For men, it’s about twice as much. If you foresee problems, the key is to set a time limit between beverages, sip slowly, and keep tabs on how many you’ve had.

Stay Hydrated

The worst nights you’re likely to have are the ones with lots of alcohol and no food or water. Alcohol-induced dehydration worsens the effects of drinking, and an empty stomach causes symptoms to kick in more quickly. The combined result is a lethal cocktail of morning-after misery. You should eat a meal to bolster your belly before imbibing. As the night goes on, balance your system with ample amounts of water.

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Don’t Drink and Drive

Often, the most dangerous part of a night out comes at the end. Drunk drivers pose a threat to everyone on the road, including themselves. Avoid fatal accidents by hiring a private car service Frisco TX to get your whole group home safely. Planning a cab ride ahead of time eliminates the need for a designated driver. Some taxi companies offer reduced rates for round trips, letting you enjoy your evening without worrying about your car.

Making rules for a party might feel like a contradiction, but taking advance precautions can stop a fun night from turning into a tragic one. You’ve earned your fun. Enjoy it, but please do so responsibly.

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