What To Do if You’re Locked Out of Your Car

It can happen to anyone. You rush into the grocery store only to come back out and realize your keys are still in the ignition. You set the keys in the front seat while you’re loading groceries, only to have your child “helpfully” close the doors for you before you can grab the keys again. The fact is that accidents happen and knowing what to do if you’re locked out of your car is important.

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Try To Stay Calm

Depending on the circumstances, locking your keys in the car can be very stressful, but it is important to try to stay as calm as possible. Is your baby or a pet stuck in the car? Before you call someone for locked out service Ferguson MO, call 911. The dispatcher can send someone out to you to keep you calm and, if necessary, to break the window should your pet or baby become distressed.

Wait for Help

Once you call a locksmith for roadside assistance, he or she will typically head to you as soon as possible and have your car unlocked in no time. In the meantime, if you don’t have a child or pet locked in the car, you can wait inside the grocery store, in your home, or anywhere else nearby that allows you to keep an eye out for the locksmith. If you aren’t at home, remember to preserve your phone’s battery as much as possible in case you need to communicate with the locksmith again.

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Plan for the Future

Hopefully, you’ll never lock yourself out of your car again. Realistically, you will. For this reason, it’s important to plan for the future. Consider putting a spare key in your wallet or purse, keeping one with a friend or neighbor who can rescue you when needed, or even buying a magnetic lock box to stick a spare key underneath your car in case of a future situation.

Locking yourself out of your car is inconvenient but not uncommon. Add a locksmith to your phone contacts now to ensure you’re taken care of if and when it does happen to you.

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