What You Should Know About Auto Detailing

What You Should Know About Auto Detailing

For many, auto detailing is not a priority. It is an expense that you may think you can live without. After all, you have a vacuum and cleaning products, you can do it yourself, right? Well, there are a few things you may not know about auto detailing services Baltimore MD.

Interior Detailing

On the interior of your vehicle, your car is vacuumed, yes. However, your interior is also buffed and polished. Stains are also removed from your interior fabrics through shampooing and scrubbing. Leather and plastic parts are also cleaned and treated. Your vehicle will look and smell like it just came out of the showroom. All the interior glass is also professionally cleaned.

Exterior Detailing

On the exterior, your vehicle will be cleaned, but this cleaning is more in-depth than a simple car wash. For example, your paint may be treated to eliminate scratches and swirls. Your tires, brakes, lug nuts and rims are also cleaned. The vehicle is drenched in soapy foam and left to sit until the dirt and grime is softened and easier to remove. Then, auto detailers go over your exterior with soft towels. Oxidation may also be removed from your vehicle’s paint. When all the cleaning has been completed, your car should be waxed and shined. All exterior parts, including your windows, mirrors and trim are cleaned and polished.

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Detailing may also include cleaning your engine bay. Although you may not find this particularly important, it is easier to identify mechanical problems when the engine is clean. This could save you significant money in labor costs if you have engine trouble. A reputable detailer will also treat your silicone, rubber and plastic components after they are cleaned so they don’t crack.


A good auto detailing protects your vehicle and its more delicate parts. For example, wax protects the paint from oxidation, rust and damage, while treating the plastic and rubber protects these parts from cracking and drying out. Whether you are extending its life or preparing it to sell, a good detailing will increase your vehicle’s value.

If you value your vehicle, consider having it detailed by a reputable company.

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